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What’s your (unpopular) Husker hot take?

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Not sure if this is unpopular, but the fat, Herbie in overalls should return and be the official mascot. I also like Lil Red.


I like the block N, the pencil N (what I call N on the helmet, and script Huskers, but the script Huskers on top of the block N was a terrible logo. 


I like that Nebraska has Adidas as the uniform and gear outfitter. Too many teams have Nike, so it makes NU unique, and Under Armor sucks. 

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Lawrence Phillips was my favorite Husker player of all time. I cannot defend what he did to Kate McEwen, but for sheer player on the field, LP was and always be my favorite player.


Also, other than some great moments against Colorado, Brook Berringer wasn't all that great in 1994. He had a couple good games, but the defense and running game carried the team when he was the QB.

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Huskers should be 7-1 or 6-2





Kicking game, FG, XP, punting, punt returns, crucial fumbles


Missed kicks, safety, fumble & gave 9 points to Illinois - W

Huskers were set for the win against Michigan St 20-17

Huskers were up on Michigan and that was set up for a win 29-26

Against Minn, missed XP again, missed chip FG, and somehow Yant trips up.

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