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What’s your (unpopular) Husker hot take?

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On 11/26/2022 at 8:05 AM, ColoradoHusk said:

I am mad that the term of Cornhuskers has pretty much been put out to pasture, over the past few decades.  Like when they announce the official name, it's more of the "Nebraska Huskers" rather than "Nebraska Cornhuskers".  Huskers is short for Cornhuskers!

Might be slightly too young to recall correctly, but this is more the university’s doing, no? If I remember right, that script “Huskers” became really popular in the 90s during the championship runs and the university was taking action against businesses using that term and font. 

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Barney Cotton got a bad rap.  He probably had a lot more influence over the offense during the Pelini years than many would like to believe.  Not to mention the offensive line has only gotten worse and worse and worse since he was railroaded out of the OL coach position.

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My hot take is rather simple and obvious:  SEC is going to keep dominating the college playoffs.  The other conferences are not even close to challenging right now.  Bama should have been one of the playoff teams this season.  They are better than most teams, even in losing 2 conference games this season by a slim margin. 


My preseason top 10:

1.  Georgia

2. Bama

3. Tennessee

4.  USC

5.  Clemson

6. Ohio ST

7.  Michigan

8  LSU

9.  NOtre Dame

10.  TCU

Expect a SEC team to win.  BAMA or Georgia, but don't sleep on LSU.

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1 hour ago, DrinkinwitTerrellFarley said:

The Dylan Raiola obsession on social media is not helping things.  Listing positive "forecasts" for joining the recruiting class in Lincoln this far in advance is about as valuable as a weather forecast for signing day.  It's dumb and lazy media people need to find something else for engagement.

You haven’t followed recruiting much, have you. 

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