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10/30 Poll: Should Frost be fired?


Should Frost be fired at the end of the season?  

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6 minutes ago, Kentmick said:

I love this team. It is heartbreaking to see that it is worse than it was 4 years ago.

I wouldn't say it's worse than it was 4 years ago. That team was something else, mentally. This team at least looks like they could win games... unfortunately they play for the worst coaching staff in the country

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Firing Frost would do nothing for the program, except to provide another coach and staff to struggle with the Nebraska problem. And, in case you have not noticed over the past 15 years, there exists a Nebraska problem that is so formidable a problem that several coaching staffs have not been able to unravel and correct it. 

Most problems that do not respond to input from different core leaders are bigger than what those leaders have as tools to fix it all. Identifying elements and placing new people in charge of those things is sometimes the solution, but not always. I am coming to believe that the problem elements are not being identified with regard to our football program.  Of late I keep hoping that the new AD will be able to do that identifying and then will get to work on it all. 

Things are pretty messed up. I wish Trev luck and I have hope. 

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