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Huskers v Ohio State: Big Noon Kickoff

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20 hours ago, NebraskaHarry said:

I can see Nebraska losing by 35. I can see Nebraska losing by 1. But it's a guarantee Nebraska will lose to Ohio State.

Our only hope is to channel the ghosts of Rex and Lavonte, and break the starting tOSU QB's leg.



20 hours ago, HuskerJax said:

Is anyone actually going to watch this game? Literally doing anything else would be a better use of time

People still watch the Detroit Lions...

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2 hours ago, Cy the Cyclone said:

What size do you wear?  I'll loan you an old Cyclone game jersey for the trip...but you have to give it back after the game.  My dog sleeps on it.

Oh I have Cyclone apparel I just use it for rags in the garage. Picking up dog s#!t. Those types of things 

54 minutes ago, huskerfan74 said:

I like early games. This game will be over by half time and we can enjoy the rest of the afternoon with our families. 

Very true 

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20 hours ago, BoNeyard said:

In the midst of building a 150 million dollar athletic facility and continually giving us the same old rotten product it’s a pretty ballsy move by the athletic department to shove in the fans faces. Given that us fans are the ones who have kept this program relevant for the past 20 years.

Relevant to who? Us, definitely...the rest of the country has forgotten. That's just fact.

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Ohio State says they are going to embarrass you and take your girlfriends with them when they leave.  Because you guys don’t wanna win  and you can’t stop feeling sorry for yourselves.  I would like to see you make it competitive but all I see in these boards is defeat!!!!

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Nebraska has a legit chance to win this game if they want to restore their honor and dignity.  Ohio state has a freshman quarterback who is scared to death and easily rattled.  If not for a fumble return Penn State would have beaten them.  What’s it gonna be Nebraska more shoulda, coulda, woulda?  Life will pass you guys by doing that garbage.

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