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2021 Coaching Carousel

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4 minutes ago, Courtesy Flush said:

I25 is the worst. 285 is a much better drive. We take 285 to Longmont to see our friends quite a bit. If we’re going to Denver, we head east toward 85 and take that to i76. We’re in Windsor. Have you played the new TPC course in Berthoud yet? 

I haven't yet, which is sad as I love to golf. Next year I hope to get out there. Mainly play at Mariana in Loveland.

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15 minutes ago, Courtesy Flush said:

Mariana is a great course. I played in the Olde Course Tuesday league a couple years ago. You @TheSker and I should play one day. I’m terrible, but it’s all fun. 


13 minutes ago, TheSker said:

I'd be in.


I just played 9 at Ute Creek in Longmont this past Saturday.

I'd be in also. Next spring/summer let's make it happen.

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1 hour ago, Guy Chamberlin said:

I'm beginning to think Nebraska would have been flung off this coaching carousel if Alberts had fired Frost this season. 


We also know the price of coaching NCAA football these days. Ouch. 

the top name coaches moving around will still have all the best talent.

better coaching with less talented kids will be the leftovers of CF.

hence we continue to recruit 3 star kids, the best we can hope for.

Frost/Alberts are just prolonging the inevitable.

an easier schedule may get us into a bowl game next year, maybe.

may even see a few punts returned, instead of fair catch.

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