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1 minute ago, huskerfan74 said:

I am on the same topic and your argument makes no sense at all. Whenever Yant was given an opportunity, he produced positive yards. He is a good athlete and has great potential. If he is not doing something the coaches are asking him to do then they should try and see what the problem is and work with him to fix the issue so he can be a weapon. In the Purdue game, he had two great runs and then the coaches stopped utilizing him. That is not how you develop your talent.


As for your high school analogy, if I were a good teacher and one of my students who shows great potential was not doing something right, I would try harder to help them so they can reach their potential. That is what good teachers do. Based on your argument no wonder Frost can’t turn these players into winners. Asking someone to be great is different than showing them how to be great. Arguably we have much better talent than Illinois, Purdue, and Minnesota and yet we lost to them. Ever wonder why? It is definitely not Yant’s fault. I would not be surprised if Yant and others enter the transfer portal as soon as season ends. 

N/m, your still in left field

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Hopeful that Yant can get into the portal and find a good team to contribute on.  I think this kid can be a stud somewhere.  If it's "on him" that he hasn't learned the playbook and stumbles over his own feet, okay.  Still, I think there is another team where he can flourish and do better than here.  Then, at least, we can free up a roster spot for a guy that we can make less of his potential as well.

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