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Sipple - Frost to make “multiple changes” on his offensive staff…

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24 minutes ago, Nebhawk said:

I am really skeptical about this whole thing right now.  Will quality assistants/coordinators even think about coming here if Frosty has a chance of getting the ax next season?  The first thing I am doing before I take this job is calling those who were axed and getting feedback.  Might find out its just a mirage and things won't improve no matter how many coaches leave and come into the program.

It's one year on paper. BUT new scheme, new coaches, learning curve etc gets an automatic one extra year excuse.... I'd like to think that better ST play alone is worth 2 wins.  It was this year.....

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20 minutes ago, Jpetermbb said:

I will always argue that he was one of the best coaches around. I mean who else could take Kansas to a BCS bowl game?


Not as impressive as Bill Snyder taking K-State to three BCS bowl games and winning a couple Big 12 championships, IMO.


Speaking of Snyder, odds we go after Sean Snyder?

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Just now, PasstheDamnBallGuy said:

It's not as exciting as a whole new staff but we didn't need to replace defensive coaches. So we basically got some continuity for defense where they are set up to be top half of the conference and if we go out and get a great OC and fix ST we are set up. 


I like the Baylor OC but idk if that is a big enough splash or if he would even come here. 

I would imagine the new OC will get 1.5 million minimum.  

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