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Sipple - Frost to make “multiple changes” on his offensive staff…

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Would love to see Jake Peetz brought in from LSU as OC. He can bring Mickey Joseph with him. Would also love to see former Husker Burton Burns (formerly with Alabama, currently with NY Giants) as RBs coach. Hoping for an NFL assistant to be brought in as QB coach.


8 minutes ago, krc1995 said:

Swear he’s going to LSU. 

at least that’s the word on the golf course. 


He's more like their Plan C or D.

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Don’t think it’s going to be that hard to find an OC.


Either Frost goes and gets someone else he knows and that person will already trust Frost and help him out.




There’s a former HC out there that is wanting to get back into the HC but needs that door to open back up. Even if it’s just a year, they are using it to put together a resume for themselves. They won’t care if they’re only here for a year, because the job won’t be about Nebraska, it’ll be about advancing their career.

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1 hour ago, The Duke said:


With every program, high school, college and professional all running variations of essentially the same offense these days, I am not sure that it will be that "radical".  "Radical" would be transitioning to the veer or run and shoot.  


Honestly, I am so fatigued by inside zone runs and perimeter passes.  Watching the 2nd half Rams offense last night was exciting.  Play action passing, moving the pocket, etc.  They were buried on the scoreboard and had to innovate due to the Titans great front four play.  Stafford actually had to execute a quarterback / center exchange!



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17 minutes ago, teachercd said:

I would imagine the new OC will get 1.5 million minimum.  

Well that's definitely the kind of money that can allow us to pull one from a smaller p5 school. 


I imagine the timeline rules out a failed coach from the NFL since I have a feeling they will want to secure one before signing day. Some kind of wildest dream scenario where Shanahan gets fired from the 49ers and we scoop him up though. 

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Peetz may not be completely ready, even if he is the OC at LSU now. But with that said he would be available and there are other staff members like Mickey Joseph at wide receiver and Brad Davis at offensive line that would be very good hires off of LSU. So that would pretty much mean bringing in a outside running back coach. 

Of course we only bringing up Peetz due to his availability and Nebraska ties. Same goes for Joseph.

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24 minutes ago, krc1995 said:

Swear he’s going to LSU. 

at least that’s the word on the golf course. 

He is in and "from" SEC country.  His OC Rob Sale (doesn't call plays) played at Georgia as an OL....Knows the SEC as well.  Unsure how you could judge his success as Napier calls the plays.


Chadwell might also bite at a chance to prove his O can go against the big boys.....IIRC he's had 4 or 6 AA while at Coastal.....

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35 minutes ago, M.A. said:

All four needed to go. With Lubick, I just don't think he meshed well with the Big 10


I applaud these changes. The offensive side of the ball needed a shakeup and not nibbling, marginal ones. 

Lubick was merely on "loan" to us from the credit union so technically he was never our "asset".  Struggling to part with the puns tonight...  

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