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Sipple - Frost to make “multiple changes” on his offensive staff…

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1 hour ago, FrantzHardySwag said:

How did Ron Brown start coaching before I was born, and managed to look exactly the same my entire life. 

I think the dude works out religiously. It seemed like anytime I went to the gym he was finishing up and walking out. He also may or may not be the inspiration for Midnight Mass on Netflix.

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Frost just fired four offensive assistants; one being the offensive coordinator after less than two calendar years who is a long-time friend of Frost. The next OC will be the third in five years.


Frost is on the hot seat heading into 2022, meaning this could be a one-year (or less) job for these assistants. Recruits (both high school and transfer portal) and parents of recruits know this, which is likely why Frost has only landed verbal commitments from two high-school recruits during the 2021 season. With the four offensive coaches being fired, attrition amongst last year's and this year's offensive recruits is likely to be high.


And don't forget Frost is still under investigation by the NCAA.


Given these current conditions, what quality of assistants do you think are actually interested in taking these jobs?

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Saw an article on QBs, it focuses on the NFL, but talks a bit about coaching 'modern' QB mechanics.





What if we let our best athlete play quarterback?
What if we welcomed the volatility that might come along with that?
What if we tried to better understand on-field chaos and found a way to practice it?
What if we questioned the existing knowledge?


Almost all the new wave of QB coaches agree on the basic tenets: controlled experimentation (let the kids play like kids and see what happens, then help them develop a solid foundational base) and a less cemented idea of what fundamentals are (don’t immediately call someone undisciplined for throwing off-platform or from a different arm angle, but work toward it, or work with it). But the approaches to their instruction are disparate.


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10 hours ago, VectorVictor said:


Not if the $$ is there. 

For sure. It'll be interesting to see how the puzzle is pieced together. Maybe he could do both RB's and ST as he's done. Or, another candidate like that. Would be good to get some guys onboard with some Texas ties. With respect to resources, we'd better bump up Chinander's salary some. 

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Running scheme on offense needs to be addressed.



On running plays, Iowa & Wisc block horizontally, with linemen moving from sideline to sideline, and the RB will go toward the edge, or cuts back.

They both use a wide zone blocking scheme (it's power, not finesse).  I love that.  Defensively, we have struggled defending it forever.  Kirk Ferentz actually created the concept a long time ago.  And the wide zone blocking scheme even helped a former Denver Broncos RB become a hall of famer (Terrell Davis - 6th round draft pick).

Under HCSF, our Husker blocking scheme is inside zone.  It is a power running scheme (not finesse). Our linemen block left or right, but, always going towards the end zone. Our running back has to run straight off the guards hip.  Running inside, hard and physical.  Power football.  Just like @The Duke says we need to have at Nebraska, and talks about every week. 


However, on Yants big running plays this year, the power back started inside as designed, but instead of doing what he is supposed to do in the Huskers Inside Zone power game, ... he immediately changed course and went outside to the edge (off script)!!.  Because, most running backs want space to run the ball, and hit the edge.


So I hope our new OC will examine our running scheme.  Because Inside zone sucks a lot.


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