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Sipple - Frost to make “multiple changes” on his offensive staff…

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1 hour ago, teachercd said:

I get it but this doesn't sit well with me.  Frost saved his bacon by canning his friends.  Don't get me wrong, I would do the same freaking thing if I wanted to keep my gig.


Mario is older and made a ton the last 4 years.  Dude will retire, I could see him doing some radio work in the state.


Is Austin the OL coach?  If so, he is gone for sure, even if he is actually good, he will be gone for sure.


Will not be 100% shocked if Chin looks to leave.

It's not show friends, it's show business.

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As I have said all along, I think making staff level changes of this magnitude in Year 4 makes little sense.  What is failing now, was failing before.  The only thing that has changed between Year 2 and now is the sense of urgency the Head Coach feels to preserve his own job.  This was negotiated and is not supported by the Head Coach.  That is concerning to me as it also means he does not know how to diagnose and solve the problems plaguing the program.  


Moreover, and as a result of these terminations today, we now have the scenario I have painted many times; a built-in rationale for failure in 2022.  Offensive scheme transition will now be the culprit for our struggles next year.  As they will say, it takes time to implement a new system and one cannot expect results immediately.


Make no mistake, I think the staff changes will not alter our present course and we will ultimately be confronted with the same decision 1 year from now.  Coach Frost is right about one thing, we are close....to a new coaching staff coming aboard in 12 months.



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1 hour ago, VectorVictor said:


So…does he clean house? Or is it just Verduzco and the other usual suspects that are gone? 


I'm wondering how what lame ducks there are on that staff who know.. and how that knowledge will affect their performance the last games this season.

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I think coach Austin is as good as gone. Held will be promoted to co-oc as run game coordinator with Lubick passing coordinator because Held is probably our best recruiter. I think Verduzco is going to retire. Think we need another dedicated RB coach though. Obviously a ST coordinator should be hired immediately. And we need to find the absolute best OL recruiter and coach we can find.


If we have to bring back Bill Callahan and pay him $1.5 mil a year so be it!


… Just kidding.

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Hey, though, FWIW, I was a Team Fire Frost guy here lately, but this is the best outcome if we're keeping him.


I said ALL the offensive assistants should get canned. I'm fine keeping Beckton, he's the exception. This is real progress toward a better program, if that can even happen under Frost. If not Trev has successfully created an out.

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