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New Offensive Coordinator options?

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1 minute ago, lo country said:

Listened to AA talk about leaving and feeling like they let the staff down.  Alluded that their mistakes (players) cost the coaches their jobs.  I do believe that Frost has flipped the culture and that the kids won't and didn't quit.  Gotta be next to impossible after losing 8 games by less points than some teams lose to in one game.  Winning tomorrow would energize this team and staff going into the off season.  Might make a "maybe" decision into a "hell yea" decision.  Gotta get the dub tomorrow.

I think lack of player development caused them to lose there jobs.

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1 hour ago, Dr. Strangelove said:

I don't disagree, but I think Offensive Coordinator options are extremely limited.


The coordinators worth a lick are going to join the new staffs at USC/LSU/Florida. They'll have a job for at least a few seasons and recruiting is relatively easy.


At Nebraska, they're going to be tasked with fixing an offense plagued with problems and a recruiting situation that is dire. They're essentially being asked to do the impossible in what is likely a 1 year job. 

And, this is where the offensive statistics become interesting. 

someone can look at this as a monumental task of major change. 

Or, look at it as an offense that can move the ball and do a lot of things well. But, a few things need fixed to make this a winning team. 

Honestly, if I were a top OC, I would ask, what are you going to do to fix the ST and how much can I spend on an O line coach. 

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2 hours ago, lo country said:

Again, please no.  No more of that weak a$$ Oregon/Oregon St stink on this program....That's an "easy/safe" pick, that will produce more of the same crap.  If it's Helfrich, I'd have just saved the time and fired Frost.

You know, I just noticed an interesting contrast. Chip Kelly currently has UCLA at #12 in red zone TD percentage. Nebraska is, um, not that high.

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2 hours ago, HuskerNation1 said:


Yes I have heard that name too but I would prefer Frost go with someone who is both proven and may push him in new directions.


I think most of us feel that way... but history shows that Frost is going to take the easy route and pick someone he knows


I wish Frost would take a look at the OC at Western KY

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11 hours ago, runningblind said:

He is expecting #1, and it was a good call PR wise, but hoping for #2. #2 would be awesome, but I am never gonna hold my breath there.


I think we'd all prefer that, but I will be very surprised if he actually does that. I could see Helfrich announced as soon as tomorrow evening to try and jumpstart recruiting.  Whomever it is should be announced by Monday, otherwise you're wasting the recruiting benefit of firing the others in season for the early signing day. If they don't announce over the weekend/on Monday, that probably means they are struggling finding someone who's interested.

Let it be soon. And let it NOT be Helfrich please. :restore

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