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New Offensive Coordinator options?

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Whose face is saved from what?   There are many facts and circumstances and considerations involved in every hire and fire, most of which are never widely known or understood.   

For all we know (as distinguished from guess, assume or think), there may be lists of prospects for positions to interview, negotiate terms, work out possible roles, etc.  Decisions are life changing for everybody.   Seems only smart to be careful, deliberate and thoughtful for both employer and employee.  Families have schools, housing, social and other considerations.   It needs to work.  Never easy to pick up and move across the country on short notice I’m sure.  Just to keep things in perspective!  

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With the two separate articles/tweets stating that Davis might/might not be coming here as possibly a CO-OC and now one stating Korn isn't coming here unless he can be sole OC, it is a logical (and I feel factual) that Frost still plans to have his hands in play calling....He isn't looking for an OC.  That is becoming painfully obvious.  Almost one month in and we have hired a WR coach who was not being retained by the new coach (great hire though).  If Kelly had kept Joseph, we would not have one position filled yet......It's also obvious, we are getting someone no one knows or has mentioned......And what of the rumors of Raiola?


I got nothing else.  

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57 minutes ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:


No, because very few coaches are interested in going to a place with a lame duck coach

I think Frost still wanting to be involved in play calling would detract a large number of prospective OC's. I would assume that those who are qualified have looked at and reviewed this season and others in regards to NU's offense, talent, scheme, play calling, coaching etc...Many of us, right or wrong, have pointed out multiple occasions where play calling has cost us pints, the game or were just mind boggling.  I am sure persons getting made large sums money recognize this significantly better than internet OC's.  And I am sure, like Korn that there is no way a guy risks his reputation to come here and have his scheme, play calling, game plan etc..hobbled, screwed, whatever by what they have professionally observed for 4 years.

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