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New Offensive Coordinator options?

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44 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

Where I see this as a benefit is organization.  The last few years, organization we see on game day has not been where it needs to be.  If these guys are all ex head coaches, they should understand the importance of having their group organized and ready to play.


Stats aside, the experience Whipple would bring is invaluable.  He has been around the block (including being a D1 head coach) and can help to mentor Frost.

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58 minutes ago, Koltman said:

So UMASS going from 110 to 35 and Pitt going from 112 to 3 is just completely ignored? Outside of the fact those are not talent rich schools at all.

Agreed, what I see is steady improvement year over year at both schools. Both of those jobs were also full offensive rebuilds so starting low was expected, the amount of improvement he was able to make is impressive IMO. Nebraska doesn't need a rebuild on offense, it needs someone to take it from decent to good/great. 

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28 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

Seems like a weird thing to think is weird. Typically you resign from a job to take a new job.

Yeah, but in these coaching hires, it's usually "X coach is leaving School A to go to School B". Not often you see the "X Coach is leaving School A" one day and then "X Coach is going to School B" the next.

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