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Frost: Dawson done “great job” with special teams- may not hire a dedicated ST Coordinator


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Unbelieveable. :facepalm:      Can we just start the 2022 new coach search now.  Just pay Scott his $7.5 buyout now and get it over with.  That way we may get a competent interim coach for next season.  :facepalm:


A statement like  this one  tells me we will probably see Adrian as QB next year and the same old worn out playbook utilized.  Did he not learn anything from his 'demotion' :dunno


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11 minutes ago, HuskerNation1 said:

Frosts comments about the ST coach really defies logic. Did I miss some context with that statement?

That's not the way I heard it listening to it. To me, Scott was simply being generous.


Dawson seems to be doing great with the linebackers. There's been aspects of the special teams that have improved. He wants to first determine the offensive coordinator as that is integral to everything else. There are different combinations that could evolve out of the change dependent upon who's hired, how the pieces come together. There could have co-special teams coaches really. Personally, a dedicated special teams coach makes the most sense.


The most accurate answer is that he doesn't know. Obviously he values Dawson and wants him here. How he contributes is yet to be determined beyond coaching linebackers. 

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