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Pernell: Frost Needs a Miracle

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An excellent and brutally honest article from Jeremy Pernell - AKA "N2FL" who is a frequent and very knowledgeable contributor over at the over site.


Frost Needs a Miracle




Alberts is taking a chance here. Retaining Frost feels like a compromise for a fanbase that has been split on its opinions of Frost after four disappointing seasons. I already wrote about the recruiting implications of keeping Frost another year if he falls on his face again in 2022. I'll reiterate; Nebraska's 2022 recruiting class is its worst in modern history. That's already inevitable. But it'll be a small class, which helps. The thing that gets dicey is how can you expect Frost to recruit a class of difference-makers in 2023 when he will be coming off four straight losing seasons and his seat already smoldering? That class is expected to number at least 20.



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12 minutes ago, Dogs In A Pile said:

An excellent and brutally honest article from Jeremy Pernell - AKA "N2FL" who is a frequent and very knowledgeable contributor over at the over site.


Frost Needs a Miracle






This is a well written piece and I believe how many fans feel.  I do hope he can find the right assistants and right the ship, but even Trev acknowledged Frost was getting another year because he was a Nebraskan.  

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10 hours ago, TheSker said:



Facts/Truth > Click bait


As for that "empirical data" Alberts is ignoring because Frost won a championship as a player almost 25 years ago, it's pretty overwhelming. Since 1971, there have been 705 coaches who were at the same school 4+ years. One hundred five (15%) got a fifth season after having zero winning seasons, zero bowl appearances and less than .390 win percentage. Of those 105 coaches, only 14 (13%) ever had a winning season at that school. Of those 14, only two went on to have a career record over .500 at that school. Only four ever finished a season at that school ranked in the top 25. None of those coaches ever went on to finish in the top 10.

In those 50 years, not once did a top-20 program like Nebraska give a coach a fifth year after four straight losing seasons. Not once. In fact, you'll only find two examples of a coach at a top-20 program getting a fourth season after three straight losing seasons; In 2008, Washington fired Tyrone Willingham after he went 0-12 in his fourth year after going 2-9, 5-7 and 4-9 the previous three seasons. In 1994, LSU fired Curley Hallman after he went 4-7 in his fourth year after going 5-6, 2-9 and 5-6 the previous three seasons. What Alberts is doing is unprecedented.

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It's always really fun how the decision the AD makes is as much about his own reputation & job status as anything else.


I don't think Alberts could bring himself to fire Scott after just stepping on the job. I was about 90% sure Frost would be back for another year.


He'll probably implode 3 or 4 games into next season, just as he's done so far.

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The Ty Willingham point of reference could actually make this situation more entertaining.  Just imagine giving our heralded HC a 5th season, fresh with new assistants, and then watching the team go 0-12 under the banner of a "transition" year.


While highly unlikely given the schedule, it would set us up well for a new coach as we would have officially reached rock bottom as a program.  What top shelf coaching candidate could resist a $5 million to $6 million annual salary given our resources and coming off the worst season in program history.



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The recruiting risk argument is such an over exaggeration and played out. Mel Tucker and MSU this year is a first hand example that the right staff plus immediate contributors via the transfer portal can make rebuilds happen a lot faster than before.  This coupled with the fact that our team is still insanely young eligibility wise.  


Frosty gets the right hires and simply wins the toss up bs games against crap teams we're above .500.  Steal one or two of the mich/iowa/wisc/oklahoma and we're 9 win potential.  

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