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What Players Leave After The Season?


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Samori Toure

JoJo Domann

Deontai Williams

Marquel Dismuke

Ben Stille

Levi Falck

Connor Culp


Would be 5th year +

Adrian Martinez 

Austin Allen

Cam Taylor-Britt

Damion Daniels

Caleb Tannor

Deontre Thomas

Travis Vokolek 

Matt Sichterman 

Jordon Riley 

Oliver Martin 

Chancellor Brewington 

Damian Jackson 

Will Honas


Possible transfer portal

Tate Wildeman 

Noa Pola-Gates 

Jackson Hannah

Marvin Scott 

Sevion Morrison

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Yeah, but in the later rounds of the draft you are not going to find any CBs that had even one season of play as well as CTB had. Those rounds are for taking chances and you just aren't gonna find players that played at a high level for 4 years. He was playing at least good enough to go in the 2nd or early 3rd last year if he came out. That doesn't just disappear. 

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12 minutes ago, hunter49 said:

the guy has been a no show since he arrived.


He's been seeing some pt on the back end finally this season.  I do not think he tranfers. 


Very interested to seeing what happens with Morrison especially after his leave of absence last week and with him now having a new position coach.

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