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What Players Leave After The Season?


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34 minutes ago, twofittyonred said:

its pretty obvious what it is...  they are nation wide yr end OL rankings which prove exactly when the OL tanked and guess what..?  it wasnt last year...  it must be hard to continue an arguement that you lost from the moment you posted it..


No, what is the actual name of the statistic.

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1 minute ago, Toe said:

@twofittyonred That's, um... not a statistic.

Yes... its an accumulation of ALL the statistics...  your point being..??  the argument is that nebraskas O-Line was okay and making improvements until last year..  the facts, and the statistics that back it, are that that is NOT the case unless of couse you are arguing the point that they "sucked" and improved to "no so sucky"..


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19 hours ago, Hilltop said:

Some of us have been following objectively.  It was a reasonable request so we could look into the statistics you are claiming.  You either have a reference or you don't.  Answering back with your own question is a pretty crappy way to handle the discussion.  

I agree that it is a reasonable request...  I have answered it several times, that it was from the same site and was offensive line stats ..  I also think its pretty crappy that someone will continue to misrepresent what was said to try and bolster thier arguement..  the "6 yr" reference was CLEARLY taken from Maverics comment about 2017 recuits, yet he wanted to make it seem like my comment was inept because "SF hasnt even been here 6 yrs"...  Ive learned a few valuable points over the last few yrs and one is that some people with an opinion when faced with facts will still not change thier minds...  even when I post the link (which I shouldnt have to, the info could easily been found if he actually attempted) he will try and claim something to justify his own stance... 


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