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Some stats for a 3-7 team


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Negative nearly 3 football fields in hidden yardage never helps.  -204 in special teams is less than ideal.   


I don't think the chart is giving us new information...just a nifty chart.  We're above average on O and D.  We are significantly below average in STs (hidden yardage goes with this, not all on STs tho).



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2 hours ago, El Straino said:

Would like to see a breakdown of red zone stats. 

Here is a link showing us 112th in Red Zone.  My bad from my initial post.  We dropped a spot after the bye...  



Overall ST's we are 128th.....Ahead of Temple and Western Michigan.  If Dawson hadn't done a great job this year we'd be dead last.  Or two spots worse....

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12 minutes ago, PaulCrewe said:

One could wonder what the numbers would look like if you get rid of the late drives against Illinois, Minnesota, and Purdue, playing their "prevent" defenses, that led to the "magical" one score loss

And just when you thought things couldn't get worse....Throw out garbage time scores.....And no longer will I ever use the words to describe our B1G counterparts as "teams we should beat".....

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I know everyone believes that we are magically going to turn things around next year with an easier schedule. The problem is that “difficulty” is relative. Wisconsin was a bad team to start the year and here they are competing for the West conference. Minnesota was an easy opponent and they beat us. Illinois was going to be a sure thing and we lost to them. Purdue was a must win and they ended up beating us and two top ten teams and getting ranked. The issue is Frost himself. While his coaches did not help, he is the one ultimately making the decisions on this team and that has not changed even with the coaching changes. Think about it. Frost decided to go with an injured Martinez in the Minnesota game. We might have won that game if smothers were given a chance. Especially when he had four consecutive shots to take the lead. He then decided to ride Martinez after four interceptions in the Purdue game. These decisions were not Greg Austin’s, Matt Lubick’s, or Verduzco’s. They were Frost’s decisions. 

I completely agree that we are a much better team than our record shows and I am sure many around the country will agree. However, at the end of the day, all that matters is W-L and we are on the bad end of that category. Five years from now, no one will look at this year’s record and say we did great things. The question is will Frost actually point the thumb and realize that he needs to stop being stubborn and start admitting that he is getting out coached and actually get help from some good coaching hires. Otherwise, we will start making excuses for Frost again next year. Let us admit that the task ahead for Frost is extremely difficult and if he can’t pull a miracle these last two games, it will be a sign of bad things to come. I doubt there has ever been another team with these stats sitting at 3-7 and that is all on Frost. 

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