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Chinander Nominated for the Broyles Award


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4 hours ago, All Hail Herbie said:

Congrats to Coach Chinander on this great honor.  Given the state of the program, I would recommend he use this as currency now to land a better, and more secure, job elsewhere.  11/2022 is coming fast and no one would blame him for cashing in his chips now.  His stock will never be higher in Lincoln.

Is that you coach Riley. You already told Bookie to go to Oklahoma do you really need to tell our coaches to take a better job too 

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4 hours ago, cheekygeek said:

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but...

As pleased as I am for Chinander's success, is anybody else concerned how well the defense will hold up after loss of all the Super Seniors on that side of the ball? I'm wondering how much of that success is due to the experience on the field and not sure how we have been doing at recruiting/developing/retaining the next guys up.  With all of the focus on the offensive side of the equation, I just don't think we can necessarily take the defensive side for granted next year.

I'm definitely concerned.  I wonder if Chinander knows this also and might be eyeballing a HC job or a DC promotion.  A step back on defense makes it that much harder for a large offensive change to succeed.

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5 minutes ago, TheSker said:

If this is a concern, you don't know the 2 deep in defense very well.

I think it's always a concern when replacing a large percentage of a unit, even if there are some parts that have played backing them up.  It's one thing to have individual talent but it's another thing to gel as a unit.


To be determined..........:lol:

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15 hours ago, Huskers93-97 said:

Is that you coach Riley. You already told Bookie to go to Oklahoma do you really need to tell our coaches to take a better job too 

I presume Bookie is a recruit that did not become part of our roster.  Otherwise, the name sounds a bit like a fairy tale character out of a children's book.  Nonetheless, I sincerely doubt someone as insignificant as myself would have any impact on the fleeting instincts of a recruit.  


In terms of our coaches, I am simply viewing the situation through a professional lens.  If you were part of a corporation or entity on the brink of a hostile acquisition (due to market failure) or bankruptcy, and you were the company's top performer, would not you consider offers to join a stronger and more stable organization elsewhere?  Of course you would.  Whether we want to admit this or not, coaches do not owe any loyalty to a program or organization any longer.  They are all free agents and when their stock is up, they need to strike for their own and their family's interests.

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1 minute ago, KCBuc said:

Be interesting once graduation/ portal opens if the defense reverts to what it’s been the previous 3 years.

I disagree.  Yes the super seniors played well and had the advantage of extra game experience and time in Chin's system.  But I think they have set the tone for the younger guys on defense going forward.  This is how you do it.  I think that was very key in showing how to play Blackshirt football. 

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