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Rumored coaching jobs and salaries....

lo country

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2 minutes ago, lo country said:

I don't know of any area of ST's that we were satisfactory in.  If I am reading correct we averaged approx 16 yards per KO return and less than 3 on punt returns.....I wonder how many times we took the KO at the 5 and got it out to the 21 instead of taking the automatic yardage to the 25.

About the only area the team has improved in special teams has been kickoff coverage, and that's mainly due to much better kicking, forcing touch backs. Both return games have been a mess. 

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30 minutes ago, observer3 said:

He's done a great job, but that contract looks way overboard right now given that is MSU down 49 to zip to OSU, which will be a 2nd straight loss, and then PSU on deck for next week, which could be a 3rd loss in a row.

MSU got scared he’d bail for SEC opening. They did what they had to do. I love it, because NEB will be beating them next year. 10 win season coming up. 

… looks around kitchen…


”Mom!!! We’re out of KoolAid!”

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1 hour ago, ColoradoHusk said:

I had heard there was a bad call which changed the game in Michigan State's favor. I didn't see any of the 2nd half of that game, as I was tailgating for the NU-Purdue game in Lincoln

Ruling on the field was overturned. The qb was hit and ball shifted in his hand while trying to pin it against his body and then ball pops free as he hits the ground. IMO, the ball shooting free was the result of a ball not secured. The play should have at least stood. Slowing the video down and not watching it live tells a different story. Anyway, …wow. What a wreck to start the game 

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IlRumor has it the boosters have decided on a secret Frost Alberts exit plan that involves linking the pair to Carl Pelini in an attempt to void the buyout all in an effort to make Tom Osborne acting AD, head football coach and offensive coordinator. Chinander and the defensive staff will remain on board. As AD Osborne will enact radical change within the athletic department, cutting all sports programs besides football and implementing a womens football team. This all in an effort to show we take football seriously at Nebraska

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