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*** Official Wisconsin Game Thread, Yall ***


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1 minute ago, FrantzHardySwag said:

Shoulda been PI after I see the the replay, also coulda been 6 if not underthrown. Sick of us waiting for an outside influence to get us the win, just go get it. If you keep waiting for a break, you’re not gonna get one. Go earn your “break”.

Thank you.


Unfortunately you will not earn your break trying to tackle a Mack truck with out using your arms

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Many are saying that next weeks game against Iowa is Nebraska's "Bowl Game". If it is looked at that way, is there any chance of the team voting not to play, as they did before? I am sure they are tired from a long season. If they are going to take a pass on it, I hope that Frost decides soon so that I can plan to go out hunting instead. That all said, in todays game, the Huskers were "Warriors" and they were "so close, just a few plays away", and they are very, very close to "turning the corner". I really hope that Trev Alberts comes to his senses, backs out of the deal, and sends Frost packing (maybe that is why they have not hired any assistants, Trev wanted to wait and see?). Please make the B1G stronger!

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2 minutes ago, The Duke said:


Exactly.  Garbage "no call" by a garbage official working for a garbage conference.  The loss was still on us, though.  Absolutely terrible tackling.  The local HS team down the street tackles better than we did.  Not having Domann and Williams hurt.

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1 minute ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:

Perhaps we need to hire a coach who's a specialist in clock management and the two-minute drill. Frost is clueless. 


About that I agree.  Hard to get the clock thing perfect as the game chugs on, but we had 3 time-outs inside one minute.  Unacceptable unless you're ahead or tied and want the O.T. 

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As far as I am concerned, this loss has a silver lining...we can STOP the absurd BS comments about getting a pity bowl invite to some sh*tty bowl game because other teams dont have 6 wins...that ship sailed away, for that I am grateful...we don't deserve it. We are good, we don't get blown out, but we can't figure out how to actually score more football points than our opponent. That's not an ideal quality.


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