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*** Official Wisconsin Game Thread, Yall ***


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Big 10 officials when Frost submits tape of the PI.


Officials: "Hahaha... he keeps submitting these things thinking we will quit screwing them... Psssht welcome to the Big Ohio... I mean Big 10 right???" 


All officials: Laugh maniacally.


Head Official: Send them another letter saying "Yup. Our bad"... Haha too bad it doesn't change the outcome mutha fers* lol.


Official #2: "s#!t we gabe them one holding call. They ought to be kissing our rings for that." 

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2 minutes ago, Frustrated said:

As far as I am concerned, this loss has a silver lining...we can STOP the absurd BS comments about getting a pity bowl invite to some sh*tty bowl game because other teams dont have 6 wins...that ship sailed away, for that I am grateful...we don't deserve it. We are good, we don't get blown out, but we can't figure out how to actually score more football points than our opponent. That's not an ideal quality.


Well first off there are enough 6 win teams, not all of them would go to a bowl.  Secondly, the fact that someone is dense/dumb enough to think that a bowl game was somehow possible has made my year 

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20 minutes ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:

PLEASE stop mentioning Herman and Napier for coordinator positions. Both guys will be up for top-tier HC positions in the near future, and it would be a step down for either to come here. Itd be an insult to offer a coordinator position... truth be told, there's a distinct possibility that neither of them would even be nterested in our HC position if it were offered.

LSU rumored to be throwing 95 million at Riley.  Why.  They are sick of having one losing season.  NU wants to win. Open up the friggin alleged deep pockets and pay these dude 5 million to come here.  If duckinh Helfrich comes here I will lose my mind.  We want to win. Pay the money and hire a guy.  Billy is making 1.2 millon. Chadwell is at 800k......Sh!t Herman would have an opportunity to turn this O around and be a god in Nebraska.  Or let's just settle for some other unproved jack hole to keep un mediocrity or excited when we win 6.

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34 minutes ago, Born N Bled Red said:

God damn some of you all need to get bent. We scored more points against Wisconsin than almost anyone else this year. We looked good in the red zone against the NUMBER 1 defense nationally for the first time this year. 


Losing sucks, but this was a damn good game. 

Thats great, none of it matters if you dont win.  THE END

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