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What did we learn? Wisconsin edition

The Dude

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3 minutes ago, PaulCrewe said:

I learned that hologram/CGI technology they used to have Harold Ramis in the new Ghostbuster movie was pretty bad a$$.


Oh, the game, I reconfirmed that Austin Allen has been open every play this year. What a waste


Might have been a mention of a 17 year old kid assualtting 11 men as well

Juvenile records are sealed aren't they?

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I learned Belt was wide open and probably would've run it in. I learned six 20 yard incomplete passes aren't as good as four complete 5 yard passes.
I learned wrapping your arms around a runner's legs works better than trying to knock him down with your noggin.
I learned that never having to cover a kickoff because of the new rules makes you really bad at it.

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Raid the portal, if we are “close” then a couple playmakers on both sides of the ball should put us over the top.  Am I doing this right?

What a day for the defense to not show up and play soft. The arm tackles and not wanting to play physical turns a 17 year old backup into Derrick Henry.

Special teams remains broken. It has cost us multiple games this year. We need a dedicated special teams coach badly.


Offense and offensive play calling folds when it matters.


Wisconsin took our identity over the last 20 years and has done pretty well for themselves.

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Things I learned during the game:


1) Flex tape is sticky.

2) I have a lid for my pots that can work as a lid for my brining bucket.

3) unstoppables are the s#!t for laundry..more of a reaffirming thing.

4) I am not the far off from being a legit College football OC.

5) The Conjuring 2 is legit scary.

6) I don't like walking past my dark downstairs stairwell after watching The Conjuring 2 and being home by myself.

7) Daylight savings (losing) hour coinciding with the McRib relaunch is not a coincidence. No one wants to be seen getting a McRib in the drive through for dinner. MCDONALD'S solved that.


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