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Wisky post game presser


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I honestly do not understand Frost’s attitude in post game pressers. Given his atrocious record, he should be humble and accommodating rather than defensive and condescending. The press takes it easy on him yet he still avoids answering any of the logical questions being asked. The RB question is a logical one. He never mentioned Yant. Why did we not see Yant in the game if he was just trying stuff out to see what sticks? He totally deflected the question about special teams and their failure. In fact, his whole game plan was built around not involving the special teams in anything unless absolutely necessary. Does that sound like an effective coaching strategy. Hope that you do not have to use your special teams rather than address the elephant in the room. He acts as if he is doing us a favor by answering a few questions when the state of Nebraska just gave him a second chance to prove himself. A chance that was not afforded to any other coach including Frank Solich. To me, his schmuck attitude in game pressers is off putting and disrespectful. You can definitely have that attitude when you start winning some games but not with your current horrible record.

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