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Dan Mullen is/was fired at University of Florida:


Record: 34-15 (2018-21)

Bowl Games: 2-1

Conference REcord: 21-13

Conference/Division Performance: 1-1st finish; 2-2nd finishes; 1-6th



Record: 15-28 (2018-21)

Bowl Games: 0-0

Conference Record: 10-24

Conference/Division Performance: 3-5ths; Either 1-6th or Tied for 6th (optimistically with a slight-slight chance 7th all alone if NW pulls a KU at pathetic Illinois)  


SOOO, the takeaway is:

(A) Was Florida impatient and Mullen wasn't given enough time to change what the problems he inherited?

(B) Florida won't tolerate losing?

(C) Moos really screwed Husker Nation and set the program back for years?

(D) All the Above ..... And then some?

(E) Some of the Above .... And then some?

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A: I'm not sure how many problems he inherited, but Florida probably jumped the gun.

B: Agree.  But they better get used to it.  Anyone not named Alabama or Georgia is living in a dog eat dog world and are going to lose.

C: Moos hired who we all wanted.  He may have had issues, but 4 years ago we were all ready to raise a statue of the man.

D: maybe

E: maybe

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8 minutes ago, Husker_Bohunk said:

Moos hired the man some very vocal people wanted.


Imo, it's a mistake to listen to the fans when hiring coaches. What we want as fans are wins and it's the AD's job to make the best possible hires in order to secure the most wins.

So Moos hired the "NCAA Coach of the Year" in the middle of an undefeated season that went on to beat an SEC team in a major bowl while recruiting for NU at the same time.  With ties to an Oregon program that changed offenses in college football.  A born and raised Nebraska kid.  Learned under Walsh, Osborne, and many other HOF coaches.  He checked every box.


There is zero evidence at the time that would say Moos made a "bad hire".  None.


Frost probably won't be the Husker coach a year from now.  But to say he was a bad hire is disingenuous at the least and sour grapes at the most...

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4 minutes ago, Husker_Bohunk said:

Whether or not it was a good/bad hire at the time is irrelevant to my position on AD's listening/taking advice from the fan base on coaching hires.

Your "position" ,as it was typed, seemed to imply that Frost was only wanted by some "vocal people" and that an AD should have known better.


Of course an AD should make the best decision in their minds based on interviews and track records.  I don't think any reasonable person would debate that.

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Just now, funhusker said:

Your "position" ,as it was typed, implied that Frost was only wanted by some "vocal people" and that an AD should have known better.

An AD should know better than to take fans advice/wants into consideration when making a hire. 


I quoted your comment where you said "Moos hired who we all wanted". We didn't all want him. Some folks were VERY vocal in their desire that Frost be hired.

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6 minutes ago, Husker_Bohunk said:




3-8 (currently)


I don't know how to argue that Frost was a good hire with that record. 

I'm not sure where we disagree or if we even do....


The only disagreement seems to be on the hiring of Frost in 2018.  Why did you feel he wasn't a good hire?


edit: good hire "AT THE TIME"


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