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Nebraska opens as a four point FAVORITE against Iowa


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2 minutes ago, Dano564 said:

You guys were favorites over Northwestern as well!


Go do whatever you did in that game.  (I didn't watch that one).


Good luck.


Iowa 20

Nebraska 35


Ok, so I’ve researched several of your posts and I think I’m picking up what you’re setting down. The plan is:

1) score points early and get ahead 

2) play like we did against northwestern 


Thx professor. It’s crazy enough to actually work. 

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It's at 3 and 1/2 as of about 4pm today (Sunday).  Welp... looking at Iowa's cushy schedule and their overall stats, I can see the Huskers as the fave by a few points.


Of course, Scott Frost is a clever man;  he'll find a way to lose, I'm sure.

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56 minutes ago, huskerfan74 said:

I hate it whenever Vegas labels us as favorites. It is as if they are conspiring against us. I am willing to bet that there is a secret wager about Frost going 5-20 in one score games. I wish I can bet on that sure odd. 

If we lose, there is a .15% of ending up 5-20....I mean virtually impossible......By comparison, statistically speaking there is a 65.5% probability of winning at least 12.....I wish there was one specific issue to address, but we are all over the place with miscues.

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