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Who Will Win - Huskers vs the Ditch Chickens- Poll


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Fighting off the "Scott Frost/Adrian Martinez/Special Teams We-Can-And-Will-Find-A-Way-To-Lose" mindset, I'm going with the comparative team stats and predicting a Husker win.  I think our guys will overcome the season and make it happen.. somehow. 


Idiots Out Wandering Around:  24


Nebraska Cornhuskers:  28

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11 minutes ago, Born N Bled Red said:

Not going to lie. The first time I heard the "let's go hawkeyes," chant in person. It was a bunch of dudes outdoors yelling it. 


I swear it sounded like the were really yelling, "Let's go hot guys." 

That's what we tell the hawkeye fan in my group of friends too, never gets old.


We support him in his love of hot guys.

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Without the aide of the SP+ analytics machine, I will attempt to make this tricky forecast.  Nebraska loses yet another one score game on Friday and we remain so close to championship legitimacy.


The good news is that with the end of the season, comes the end of the predictable week ahead...


Saturday: Lose One Score Game - Conduct press conference outlining how close we are.  "We are a good team."

Sunday: Review publications arguing how a play here or there would have made the difference with the result

Monday: HC to conduct presser explaining how well the team has responded in practice.  "A lot of energy today"

Tuesday - Thursday: Assistant coaches explain how injured the team is, thus rationalizing the continued losing

Friday: Fans buy in to the notion that this week will be different.  Players getting healthy, coaches gaining valuable insight, it is our time, etc.

Saturday: Rinse and repeat.

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