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1 hour ago, FrantzHardySwag said:

Our Director of Recruiting has been following a bunch of punters and kickers on social media. Starting Kicker from San Jose St stood out. Might go for a LS, K and P. 

Punters/Kickers have easily been one of the most frustrating fails this season.


I know Culp was good two years ago but was sort of obvious punters were garbage.


I hope we can add a some help

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I'm actually excited about the portal this year.  There are some good players there.  We better be extremely active.  We have some holes and immediate needs.  Upgrade your team instantly.  


Also look at these teams that likely will have fallout from coaching shake-ups or bad seasons. LSU, Florida, USC, Washington, VA Tech, Texas Tech, TCU all with needing new head guys, Texas and Louisiana region is wide open.  Lots of Florida too.  I am hearing expect an exodus from USC as they got embarrassed buy UCLA and BYU may put a beatdown on them also.  I also think Texas and FSU are on downgrades and those coaches are in trouble.  Yes, you could argue we are in trouble but our main guy has been given stamp of approval and our schedule is do-able.  We need guys to ball out in a weak division.  There is a lot of hay to be made in the Big 10 West.  It may be fun to have some assassins for hire...I kind of like that renegade look for us next season.  ;)  We need a new look for sure.  

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