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Portal Transfer Targets


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2 hours ago, ndobney said:

We need at least 3 more tackles 3 guards and 2 centers, but it kind of late now. 


Actually, we don’t need scholarships - we got NIL $ instead.  A couple mil ought get about 3 of the OLine.  Then maybe we can just rent a couple at times during the season from Injured Reserve or Waivers ‘portals’ ?    And we do have the other 50 or so guys on the practice squads.  

And, with the revival of the Neb ‘93 County Scholarship/NIL Fund’, we can be up around a roster of about 210!   There is a reason they’re building 3 new fields!   

If we get up around 300, we can drop out of Big Ten away games and have home ‘practice scrimmage Spring game type affairs instead.  That gives a much better shot at 6 wins for post season eligibility!  

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2 hours ago, Mavric said:

Alabama transfer safety Kaine Williams visiting next weekend.  Bama DL Stephon Wynn expected to be here as well.

If they get that Bama DT and the UF DT...they are set.  That will give them 4-5 deep on the DL.  That would be impressive considering where they were.

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