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Portal Transfer Targets


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35 minutes ago, Huskinator said:

He could have put in for transfer. Just now announcing it 

I believe the schools had something like 2-3 days to have them formally into the portal. At Nebraska that would be caught and reported by the media within hours. However, at Illinois there is a chance there isn't quite the media focus and it was missed/not reported till now. Or it was reported and we are just now seeing another report of it. 


Or I could be completely wrong on how long the school has to formal enter them. 

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On 5/21/2022 at 3:44 AM, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:


I think he's visiting Auburn as well.

Think Wynn closes this one out. Per Sean Callahan. 


Bleekrode & Buschini are constantly overlooked but will be immensely helpful this year if things go as planned. 

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2 minutes ago, knapplc said:

That's a lot of stars.




He's being a little dishonest with the star system, mixing HS and Portal stars and showing whatever is the most.


Mathis was a HS 3 and a Portal 4, and he shows a 4.

Palmer was a HS 5 on Rivals (247C of a 4) and a Portal 3, and he shows a 5.

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Yes I understand the let down of Scott Frost and company since he has been here not making a bowl game or having a winning season but I can't deny I haven't been this excited since the first class that Scott Frost brought here.  The class and the group of guys that he is bringing in to turn this program around is great along with coaches. Yes there are question marks with how the o line plays who starts and the coach but I believe Scott Frost back is still against the wall and he decided to push back. I know he can coach it's just putting everything together and cleaning up the little things to succeed which I believe he is doing and the team too!!!

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