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Portal Transfer Targets


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On 11/21/2021 at 7:34 PM, Frustrated said:

Because I have been frustrated for about two decades...I believe I have earned the right to be critical. To be honest. To long for a return to the days where we win conference games against anyone not named Northwestern. We suck. That is demonstrable fact. We don't have to suck, but we do. It's that simple. I watch tons of bowl games, and I generally cheer for our conference, but I am tired of watching our rivals play in bowls and we have to beg for a bid with less than 6 wins because...our fans piss away their money??? Whatever. I'm bitter, I'm frustrated.

Dude, you need a hug

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Finishing high in the portal rankings would make our overall class ranking much higher. Not sure if the services look at it that way but I would think some key portal guys would drive up excitement for a program. I would put an extreme effort into this. It’s like NFL free agency but in college. You get benefit of some extra tape on guys playing against college competition and not some overmatched high school where you’re not sure how talent will translate. Plus you know what guys may be comfortable playing away from home, out of state,  or not. This is an opportunity we should absolutely take advantage of.  There are guys that can start immediately for us and upgrade our program. My guess is the elites don’t like it so much because it erodes their depth and monopoly on talent.  Perfect time for us.

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QB- If Adrian is gone we will need a guy who is ready to go and learn the offense.

WR- after Toure was really good for us I like us to go this route again.

TE- We lose a few guys and FidoNe is not ready to carry this room yet.

OL- Would love to get that OL from Wisconsin. This oline could use an experienced guy to help out. 



OLB- pass rusher is so badly needed.

D-line- depends on who leaves. if Daniels leaves we will need another guy to man the nose spot.

S- I like what we have but might see if we can get someone better. 

OLB- maybe a guy that can fill Jojo's role? Depends how we feel with Gifford or Wright when he is healthy. 


ATH- go after a guy who could play multiple positions and return kicks and punts for us. It is crucial we get somebody who is at least a threat to return kicks. 


Special Teams

Punter/Kicker who wants to move up from G5 or FCS and get some nice NIL money or play at a P5 program. 

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