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Iowa week presser 11-22 [UPDATE: T Fish added]


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5 minutes ago, Bigred_inSD said:

The offense should just play backyard football.  Crazy plays, fun option, wildcat.   

True. There is literally nothing to lose as bad as that sounds. 


I expect to see the offense look more similar to the way it was ran last year with Luke under center. Lot of option, draws, & quick safe plays underneath. Don’t think smothers has the accuracy to throw anything further than 15 yards. Hopefully his decision making is good because he is gonna get mauled by the Iowa DL. 

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  • solesrfr changed the title to Iowa week presser 11-22 [UPDATE: SF added]

It is really ironic that the first thing Frost acknowledges about Iowa is their special teams yet he does not see the importance of having elite special teams. I would say that the special teams play this season affected us way more than the other facets of the game. Most of the game plan revolved around avoiding the need to use our special teams. I am hoping Frost realizes the importance of ST in the offseason. Not having a reliable kicker at Nebraska is so strange given the success we had with kickers before Frost.

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  • solesrfr changed the title to Iowa week presser 11-22 [UPDATE: T Fish added]

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