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Tired of crying? Pretty funny article about the Huskers.

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7 hours ago, chamrocck said:

Haha, pretty funny...except for that non-PI call at the end of our game...man it looks worse in that picture then when I saw it live.  :madash

Agreed in real time it "looked" like PI.  The pic leaves no doubt that it WAS PI.  I know you never leave the game in the hands of the ref, but it is not like a missed holding call.  That was a straight up mugging.

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56 minutes ago, Packerhuskerfan said:

I would say there is more apathy or acceptance of suckitude than crying.


Lately.  Early on there was expressed sadness in many Husker hearts about the mounting losses and other changes.  I'm not psychic, but I do remember back then feeling that the worst was yet to come, and that we might not see the bottom for a long time.  It felt awful.  Some of my seatmates in our section of the stadium did appear to be suppressing tears at times when expected wins became fewer and fewer and we were all seeing another loss unfold by our guys in the same stadium wearing the same colors that once could be counted on to be the scene of one great play and one great win after another. 


My sadness turned to anger (at this or that player, at this or that coach, etc) then cycled on to what is said there in that post I quoted.  I still feel certain ways about some of the coaching hires, and it's mostly negative.  The players?  I now see them as victims. 

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