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You know that person, who is a little b!^@h, but keeps getting promoted, while screwing everything up along the way......and more than half the people hate him and wonder how he still here?


Well finally, Jon Daniels of the Texas Rangers got kicked to the curb, and fired  chuckleshuffle:worship




Most Rangers fans have hated the young punk since HE clashed with Nolan Ryan (and Nolan (CEO) left after taking the Rangers to the World Series).  


Daniels went from a GM to President.  He has tanked the team, hired first time managers to cover up the stink, traded the star players, and always talked about the future.  


Never played.  Went to Cornell.  Been Rangers GM since 2005 (later, becoming team President).


I remember a few years ago, on the radio - a very prominent sports radio personality asked Jon Daniels "The first thing in the minds of the Texas Ranger fans and family, is that we have a brand-new ballpark, we have an inexperienced manager and unknown players, we finished in last place......why should the Ranger fans be excited to come to the park and pay for the price for that?"....... and Daniels said "That's your first question?  Where are the softball lob questions? Seriously"  And the radio (hall-of-famer) guy says, "Well Jon, it's been years of this......we can't always lob you the easy questions.  The fans deserve more than that".  And as usual, Jon Daniels went around and around and kept talking about the future..... as he has his whole tenure.


I am sooo glad the little b!^@h is gone.  I'm sorry, but I think 75-90% of Ranger fans feel the exact same way, if not more.  This was super happy news believe it or not lol.... it has been to long with him in control

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