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Mickey Joseph Hired As WR’s Coach, AHC & Passing Game Coordinator

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1 hour ago, Lorewarn said:



How many of them are teachers or parents or fans who think they are national top 100 recruits? 


It's wild that you're so disappointed you never heard back without knowing any details on if they saw your email, followed up on it, were in contact, etc. What are you looking for, a text from Frost that says, "Thanks for the good tip The Scarlet Pimpernel, he looks like a great player but after being in contact (because of your great suggestion) he isn't interested in coming to Nebraska. Seriously though, good job!"


The thing is, he was interested, which is why I contacted them to begin with. He was disappointed when he never heard anything from them. Look at his top 3: LSU, who has a brand new HC who didn't recruit him and the assistant who DID recruit him just left for Nebraska (who also didn't recruit him); Texas, whose head coach is on a hotter seat than Frost; and Bama, who doesn't really have room for him. He could've come to Nebraska and started as a true freshman.

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30 minutes ago, HuskerNation1 said:


Not a bad salary for 3 years and it makes me think the OC will be at or just over $1M.


Isn't 2 years the standard for assistants?  Figured they might have to sweeten the deal by guaranteeing an extra season, which I'm totally good with, even if '22 doesn't go well can see them wanting to retain Joseph. 

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