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Mickey Joseph Hired As WR’s Coach, AHC & Passing Game Coordinator

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7 minutes ago, gossamorharpy said:

Why people keep bringing up Ed O?  Isnt his background on the defensive side of the ball?  I must be missing something why some are clamoring for him given its the offensive side we need to address

 Only reason he’s being mentioned is because he’s one of the best recruiters in the business, something we desperately need. 

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4 minutes ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:

We actually had quite a few guys from the New Orleans area play for us in the not-so-distant past, most notably Stanley Morgan Jr.


Alonzo Moore was from Winnfield, LA

Also all those guys like Irons and stuff that I don't even think made it a week here lol 

6 minutes ago, Courtesy Flush said:

Mousker hey, Mousker hi, Mousker ho! Mousker ready, Mousker set, here we go!

Ha ha oh boy! 

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24 minutes ago, FremontFred said:

Ed O isn’t going anywhere. He’s basically on retainer for LSU so that they can keep him under wraps legally. You don’t think his name wouldn’t come up in any of these vacancies if he was available? A la Clay Helton?

He’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. A true liability 

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6 minutes ago, M.A. said:

Would Joseph consider coming onboard absent knowing what our OC would be and that he'd be comfortable with it? There's likely been a lot of activity determining combinations sorting out what doesn't and does fit. The fog is beginning to lift!

Ask yourself it makes sense to hire a WR coach before an OC. Unless you have hired one in secret. Which is entirely possible. 

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