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Mark Whipple Officially Named Offensive Coordinator + Quarterbacks Coach

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2 hours ago, Crusader Husker said:

I remember when Mike Riley was hired, I was like who??  BTW, I feel much different about HC hires.  This one?  Whatever, I never expected a "splash" hire.

Being from San Diego and see Rileys' $hit job when he was the head coach there first hand...  i was mortified when i found out his hiring at NU was true..  World's nicest coach but horrible, and i mean horrible head coach..

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1 minute ago, Guy Chamberlin said:


Oh my gosh, yes. That takes me all the way back to a post someone made here four hours ago. 


I think a lot of that has to do with the tiny number of posts per page. People are losing the conversations. I mean, this thread should only be about 2 pages in the olden days of HuskerBoard 

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Read some articles on him prior to the hiring.

Uses the personnel he has, not the ones he wants


Player said that he has about 200 plays that he introduced spring and fall.  Then throughout the season, he will add 10-12 new plays prior to each game that the defense has not scene.  Does a good job scouting opposing D's and pre-schemes with new plays.


Has a system and sticks with it.  Not trying to be the "next" thing.  


I am a little leery of the "pass first", but when you have a Heisman contender what would you do.  He's had good QB's at every stop.  He appears experienced enough that he will look at the B1G and design the O to work.  Not a square peg/round hole type of scheme.  I think we will have a definite scheme that will have ebb and flow.  That one play will actually set up another play. I don't think it'll be throw multiple things ideas and see what sticks.  And then never use it again.  I think this is a good of hire as we could get.  

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