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Mark Whipple Officially Named Offensive Coordinator + Quarterbacks Coach

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The other thing about the Iowa game is that they were a 9-2 team heading into our matchup. Even though Vegas had us as like a 1 or 2 point favorite by Thursday evening, for me that was one of the five games I really expected us to lose this season anyway.


So I'm cutting the staff some slack there, and I also think we would have been even better in that game with a healthy Adrian Martinez (which I'm sure people will pile in to disagree with).


The games where we really screwed up on offense in my opinion were:



-Michigan State (false starts, anyone?)


-Purdue (four interceptions, Martinez was off that day)


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Here's a great article from a former UMass QB.


I like this comment.  I am starting to like this hire more and more.  So many times I have complained about square oeg/round hole or not leaning more on player "X" or try to get the ball to "X".  This guy gets that.  Sounds more like an architect.  Just hope he and the rest do enough year one to build into a year 2.


“One thing I noticed early on with coach Whipple’s offense is that he sees and identifies strengths in his players and then builds the system around it,” Ford said. “When we had a good tight end our offense revolved around the tight end my first two years there. Then my junior and senior year we had Andy Isabella and we built the offense around him. He’ll go in and identify who the playmakers are on the team and he’ll tailor the offense to what they do well. I think that’s kind of rare. It’s not just a system. It’s what do we do well and how can I build an offense for the success of the whole unit.”



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17 minutes ago, NativeJoe said:

I'm excited that it looks like Nebraska is evolving into more of a "pro style" offense!!  What this does is attract

"pro quality" quarterbacks, which will in turn attract "pro quality" receivers!!  Then we start winning!!  Winning

will keep the "pro quality" athletes coming to Nebraska!  GO BIG RED!!!

I get what you are saying ... but even in college you have to "PRO - TECT" the ball to "PRO - GRESS" to then truly "PRO - SPER".  We have lived in the "PRE - " for far too long.  

Hoping we can "PRO - VIDE" and "PRO - MISE" with these new "PRO - FESSORS".  Ha ha.

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