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Last Coaching position Quandry

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1 hour ago, Born N Bled Red said:


Is this a not so subtle hint Sean Snyder will be joining the staff?

I hope so but why must everything be cloak and dagger around here? Someone have the gumption to just come out and say things directly!  Something like, "I, GISker, forsee the Husker hiring Sean Snyder soon.  Here are some of his team's results", rather than an obscure post of some USC stats from 2020 with no context. :lol:

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13 minutes ago, Blackshirt316 said:

Snyder was coming to Nebraska when Frost first got hired. But Clay Helton called Bob Stoops and begged him to convince Snyder to go to USC instead.  So Frost gave the 10th coaching spot to Ruud. It makes perfect sense to just reverse that now. Hire Snyder and move Ruud back to the analyst position he was originally supposed to have.

Frost hired = 2018

Ruud hired = 2018

USC hired Snyder = 2020


Frost had interest in 2020, but he wanted Snyder to be an analyst. USC hired him full time.



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On 12/29/2021 at 1:57 PM, Born N Bled Red said:


Is this a not so subtle hint Sean Snyder will be joining the staff?


Sean Snyder has been the not-so-subtle hint for the Special Teams Coordinator position for months now. 


Frankly, I'm good with either him or Busch. But we need a dedicated Special Teams Coordinator, ASAP. 

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