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4 hours ago, Decked said:

There has been nothing on that. He is gone 

My point wasn't he was for sure coming back, my bad on that. It was that if he did we would be done at OL. However, it looks like he won't so we will go after another OL in the portal. Not sure if there are any centers out there in the portal or if we have someone on the roster who could fill it well. 


Raiola definitely has some work to do! 

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14 hours ago, BigRedBuster said:


Three thoughts:

1.  Although we certainly lost a ton in the defensive backfield (when healthy and could play, I think D. Williams presence was vastly underappreciated), that s quite a haul at DB.

2.  Although hopeful we would get more "blue-chip starter"-type players to step in at OT from the portal, it looks to me like that part of our line's improvement will be dependent upon a modified S&C regiment and technique coaching for existing roster players. 

3.  As critical as OT is, the loss of Jurgens is exceedingly disappointing as he was just starting to show the payoff on all the invested time the coaching staff had made in him.  I haven't heard anything about portal targets at center, so assuming they have guys on the roster now that they feel could handle the position.  Hixon?  Piper?  I'd consider looking at Bando too... 

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