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Excited for the Off-Season!


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7 hours ago, Stone Cold said:

I think if we magically lose that first game in dublin after absolutely trashing northwestern this last season its over for him.  Nothing can bring you back from getting beat on national tv to a team you absolutely throttled the year before.  All momentum will be lost, that will be the final nail.  

I think a 2 win season is possible certainly.  It really is hard to objectively point to many really uplifting factors so far.  2021 saw only 3 wins and 2 of those were against teams ANY P-5 team would have been expected to win.  They mean almost nothing in the big picture.  

Sadly, the NW win was a feel good win at the time but it was a head scratcher and in hindsight means little.  

That leaves an 0-9 season vs a bunch of pretty decent teams.  If Michigan wins tonight, that game will look like our best performance I guess.  

I tend to feel Frost and his entire staff has put together pretty good game plans for most opponents over his 4 years.  It’s hard to know whose brains were behind the plans.  But, the in-game implementation and adjust to opponent adjustments have not been so impressive, imo.  Maybe Whipple will really help there - he’s a wise old coach that’s seen it all.  Hopefully, the staff changes retain the best and add more, not the contrary. 

i want to believe!   Neb football seems like some sort of bizarre “X & Os” file.  Lol.  

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4 hours ago, Dogs In A Pile said:


Did Frost really say that about the 2022 season? If so, I missed it. I know he made comments along those lines before previous seasons but rumor has it that we may be losing more than a few key players from this years squad on both sides of the ball. Hard to believe he is still saying that but talk is cheap. Wins, not so much.


And I believe if he can manage 5 wins in 2022 that will be seen as an improvement and earn him another year or two. I don't think a winning season will be required, just improvement over 3-9.


Trev can clearly see the outflow of talent off of this years team but luckily for HCSF he has a soft spot for a former Husker player and allowed him one more attempt. Frost should have be been dismissed after 4 years and 15-29. He would have been gone at almost any other school except maybe the permanent bottom of the barrel teams where they don't really expect to win regardless of who is coaching.


He said it all year.  If he isn't spending the offseason putting those pieces together for next season then what on earth is he even doing?


If we wanted to rebuild it would have started with a coaching change.

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Incredible that some believe that a 5th consecutive losing season will justify a sixth losing season.


And I thought John Gotti was the "Teflon Don".  


Since so many are attached to the concept of Coach Frost, and he is unable to have a winning season, could we pay him $5 million annually to be an "honorary" coach?  He could wear the gear, the headset, and walk the sidelines, but only appear to be coaching, much like a mascot.  Kids could have their pictures taken with the honorary coach and he could participate in the halftime show for home games.  



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starting 3-0 is an absolute must to get some momentum


and then that oklahoma game would become a chance to turn the entire program around with a win.


there's zero scenario where frost should return in 2023 unless we make a bowl game. there's 8 very winnable gams on the schedule.

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