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Nebrasketball Game #18- @ Purdue: Friday, January 14 5:30pm FS1

What will the game result be?  

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9 hours ago, SouthLincoln Husker said:

Wow, class response.  Are you 2 m

Close...just turned 3.  In all seriousness,  I don't have a problem with him as a person.. I'm sure he's a good dude and don't wish him any ill will.   He is the problem though.  It's obvious and if you can't see that, I am not going to argue with you about it.


What is more baffling than him still being here is Freddy buckets bringing him in, in the first place...after the Teddy Allen fiasco.  Same circus, different clowns man.


There are tons of posts on here that are ridiculous.  I don't comment on all of them.  If you don't like my take, just scroll on by.  You'll be fine.


There's lots of posts on here that are good too guys.  I have no beef with you or anyone on here.  I am honestly sorry if what I sat offends you in some way.  That was not my intent.  I've played and coached the game of basketball...I'd like to think I know a little bit about the game.   I am not alone in my thinking, but I also understand that people can see things differently. 


I wasn't wrong about Teddy Allen last year, and I don't think I am wrong here.  I respect your opinion if you think otherwise...and with that, I wish you a good day, sir. 

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Wilcher hit a couple 3s to end the half to keep it *somewhat* within reach.


Gotta say, there have been several times I’ve been unimpressed with a highly ranked conference foe but Purdue looks like the real deal. Seemed like everyone who entered the game could make a play. And Ivey is real good.

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