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Bill Busch Named Special Teams Coordinator

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1 hour ago, TGHusker said:

A good review of the Bill Busch hire.   I learned a lot about Coach Busch from the article.   He really has a passion for Nebraska and he

will help our ST to be a strength and not a weakness.  





We get it.  He's from Pender.  Jeez.


JK - good article.

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On 1/28/2022 at 7:04 PM, floridacorn said:

Busch talks like a solid coach, and I recall him being a good recruiter, but didn't he produce the fair catch return game under Callahan?


Good ol' Santino Panico!

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3 hours ago, Decked said:

Very underrated add. Punting lost us the MSU game.


Didn't help much in the Iowa game either. Although in fairness, that one wasn't on the kicker since the blocking scheme was for our right footed rugby style kicker when we actually had our left footed conventional style kicker in the game and didn't block the left edge rusher. A perfect case study for our special teams ineptitude the last 4 years.

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9 hours ago, Decked said:

Very underrated add. Punting lost us the MSU game. Field position is such a huge deal. 



Didn't he come back with like, a 109 yard punt the following week?  Don't quote me, but pretty sure that's almost accurate.

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14 hours ago, Toe said:


Good ol' Santino Panico!

Was that Busch?   Idk but I recall when the “fair catcher” formally became a position on Bo’s team.  And Santino who had these amazing punt return stats from high school raised his hand and waived it vigorously to claim that title and owned it for his entire Husker career!   That’s one record I hope never is broken.  Lol

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