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Huskers Land Texas Transfer QB Casey Thompson

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21 minutes ago, admo said:

I've said it before, but he is immediately #2 in the big ten, only behind CJ Stroud.


Will need some help with the offensive line though, like anybody else would.  I just love his quick release, his accuracy is pretty darn good, and strong arm.  He also gets rid of the ball right away and will throw to the spot, as oppose to waiting for someone to get open and wave their arms up and down lol.


I am not saying he doesn't have flaws.  All qbs do.  But he was a fan fav at Texas even before he started this past season.  Another great kid, with confidence and skills.

New coach, 2 transfers and teddy coming back!

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It's hard to not be excited, and impressed with the work Frost has done in the off-season. He's made some great hires so far to his coaching staff, and I really like some of the players he's brought in through the portal, led by Thompson of course. 


However, (extremely) cautious optimism is where the excitement will peak for me.

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4 hours ago, Lorewarn said:







I'll just go in order of all pass plays in this video:



1. Nowhere to step up to. Nothing bad here.

2. Tries stepping up, blitzer comes through, correctly escapes. Nothing bad here.

3. Went the only way he could.

4. Good

5. Good

6. Good (bad throw)

7. Good (bad throw) -- there hasn't been a single play yet where stepping up into the pocket is even an option for him

8. Great pocket, no need to step up 

9. Tries stepping up but it's honestly a mistake as pocket collapses, only escape was out the sides - ends up fumbling  

10. Moves around well but holds on too long. It's an end of half hail mary so not too damning any way

11. This is actually amazing pocket presence

12. This is good presence too, but literally nowhere to go and nothing to do. Gets sacked.

13. Amazing pocket presence - turns into a 70 something yard touchdown.

14. Steps up in the pocket well

15. No need to move around much, stands strong and delivers a beautiful strike

16. Same as 15

17. This play couldn't have been more well executed as far as pocket presence. Perfect job.

18. Feels the pressure coming well and slides over well. This isa ctually fun to watch seeing how good he can feel the pocket, honestly no idea what you're talking about.

19. Could have stepped up more, but he got the pass off and completed it. Not amazing, definitely not bad.

20. Feels the blitz and gets rid of it quickly for a completion.

21. Quick throw

22. Another amazing job of feeling the pressure and dancing in the right way to scramble for a first down.

23. Same as 22, except this time for a 30 yard scramble gain.

24. Quick throw, no pocket

25. Successfully escapes out the only route open to him.

26. Designed rollout

27. Falls back a little (not really anywhere to go), delivers a strike

28. Steps up into the pocket

29. Here's the first example int he video of him very poorly falling backwards instead of stepping up

30. Is able to stand strong for a long time, line eventually gives and he definitely had room to avoid and keep working but gets hit as he throws.

Adrian had poor drop back footwork which did not create enough depth for him to ever step up into the pocket.  Not sure if he was coached this or not but it was a big problem. 

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55 minutes ago, The Dude said:

I think Thompson is quite a bit better than a lot of people might realize.  He injured his throwing hand rather severely during the Oklahoma game and still led the Big XII in TD passes on the season.

I have a buddy who is die hard Iowa State fan and hates Neb. He takes every opportunity to make fun of where we are right now. Today, he said wow, we got the real deal. He follows Big 12 closely 

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12 minutes ago, ColoradoHusk said:

Now that Casey's a Husker, I guess I have to stop making jokes about his dad getting busted for dealing cocaine at OU.  Oh well, I guess it's worth it.

Well hold on there. Don’t make any rash decisions before he has even played a down for us. You can stop making those jokes AFTER he wins us some games. :lol:

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3 minutes ago, Big Red Viking said:

Strange how we need "competition" in the quarterback room now that Adrian is gone.  Was he afraid of the competition ?

At this point we still need competition in the QB room. I’m sure Smothers is entering the portal as we speak.

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1 hour ago, Undone said:

Just a couple thoughts.


Thompson isn't very big. Just so that "run the damn ball" guy understands, you probably can't use him like Martinez was used (maybe that's obvious). I assume this was the plan though with Whipple at the helm.


But the good news is, he's a pass-first guy. In 2021 he had 24 TDs & 11 INTs. His completion percentage in 2021 was 63.2% (Martinez's was 61.8% this year).


I've been saying that this is what Frost's scheme has needed for two years now. Excited about this.


Casey Thompson is similar in size to the UCF Qb that Frost had and did so well with. Thompson is also a good enough athlete to make teams respect his running ability. A QB like this has the ability to be the home run guy we've needed. Martinez was great but his limitations as a passer and tendency to get injury hampered the offense immensely. And now it appears hopefully we have a guy who can actually develop the backup QBs so the team actually will have some depth at that position as well!

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2 minutes ago, JJ Husker said:

At this point we still need competition in the QB room. I’m sure Smothers is entering the portal as we speak.

I hope Smothers stays.  We need a minimum of 3 capable QBs.  He has plenty of head start on all the competition.  Thompson may be ‘All that’ but we don’t know.  Whipple will put the best operator on the field, not just the best athlete.  Imo.  

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