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Huskers Land Texas Transfer QB Casey Thompson

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2 hours ago, Hilltop said:

I tend to think of QBs like Sims as being able to make up for some deficiencies in the running game and on the offensive line.  Of course all QBs would be better with a solid rushing attack but I would rather have a dual threat at QB if I have concerns with my line.   

Sims played 7 games last season, had 87 carries for 3.3 yards per carry.  1 rushing touchdown.


I don't think that translates into a running threat by any means.  Or a QB that scrambles out of sacks.  And yet, that's what we keep hearing about - his athleticism and running ability.  3.3 ypc :hmmph


As for passing, he threw short yardage passes, mostly sideline to sideline near the LOS and completed those..... 58%.


Sims Passing yards per attempt was 5.9 ypa.  That ranked #102 out of #108.  


3.3 YPC and 5.9 YPA is not a dual-threat IMHO.  Or should I clarify, it's just not a threat by any means - running or passing.


Casey Thompson yards per attempt was 8.8 ypa and that ranked tied for #11th in the country... with the likes of Max Dugan, Bryce Young, Bo Nix, KJ Jefferson...  

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But also, it seemed like GA.Tech grew tired from the lack of progress, and when Sims went down with an injury *cough, cough* the Yellow Jackets were ready to insert a true frosh QB.


Maybe it was because the backup QB Zach Pyron was the No. 18-ranked quarterback in the nation and the No. 14-ranked player in the state of Alabama by 247Sports … Two-time all-state … Four-time all-region … Four-time all-county … 2019 state MVP … two-time region MVP … Won three state championships as a starting quarterback in four high school seasons … Earned a spot in the finals of the prestigious Elite 11 quarterback competition in 2021, where Sports Illustrated ranked him No. 9 overall nationally … Was selected to play in the 2021 Alabama-Mississippi Classic All-Star Game and helped lead Alabama to a 20-0 win, which was Alabama’s first win in Mississippi in the 35-year history of the game  


Or maybe Atlanta Journal-Constitution expressed it this way:


In first start, Zach Pyron a breath of fresh air for Georgia Tech




Or maybe there is something that didn't fit with Sims with GaTech...


Georgia Tech Football: Brent Key Gives Update on Jeff Sims

Sims has been available in only emergency situations the last two weeks and has not played since leaving the game against Virginia (when Pyron took over, and beat Va Tech the following week). 


"In regards to Jeff, Jeff won't be with the football team, really kind of indefinitely now. We had meetings with Jeff and meetings with the doctors and the medical professionals and came to the determination that it would be best for Jeff to not be in meetings or not be in practice, but to be in treatment and in rehab right now moving forward. Decisions that are made are like we have said since day one, made in the best interest of the team and Georgia Tech and for the health and safety of our players."


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I like Casey Thompson. He's a good quarterback and we're lucky to have him. Rhule needs to elevate the entire team, and Thompson's play will improve along with it. If Rhule turns to Sims instead, I'll trust that decision. I just know I watched every Nebraska game last season and it never occurred to me that Casey Thompson was the problem. 


On the other hand, I see absolutely no reason to encourage Chubba Purdy with a roster position. 

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I've said it several times before and will say it again.  I like Sims and I am very glad he's a Husker.  I also like Casey Thomspon and think he is currently the projected starter next season.  And that we need a passing QB to co-exist with a running game featuring running backs getting yards.


But also, that it is good for Sims to get the bulk of the Spring reps with the 1's.  And if he does beat out Casey Thompson for the starter job in the fall, then I will be just as happy.  Because that means we have 2 reliable QBs ready to play well throughout the season in case of injuries or struggles.

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On 3/13/2023 at 9:37 PM, Mavric said:


I don't think you understand what a logical fallacy is.



I can and always have.


I haven't ignored any facts.  Interesting claim in as you are insisting on having differences of opinion.



That would be preferable, yes.

Pick up a book and then you might be able to keep up. Then again, must be difficult while your head is so far up your a$$

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I hope the decisions on who plays when and where are made by smart, informed coaches.  Not fans.  Lol. 

Casey T is not a great QB yet by any reasonable standard. May never be.  But, I do feel he played better than any recent QB at Neb in a long while.   It seems unlikely Sims will be better.  He’s a former GT QB who left for a reason(s), right.   He showed signs of playmaking ability, especially running.  But I got too much deja vu Adrian in there.   I’m sure it was mostly all the play calls (swing passes, jail break screens, picknplays, etc).  In the highlights they worked a tad better than in Lincoln.  But again, run in a lesser conference.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be happy with any of our QBs who can muster wins.  I’ll still need to judge based on performance in Lincoln.  I’d like to hope one or more of the six QBs can be adequate.  But who knows.  Frost recruits, before Casey at least, pretty much failed.  A lot of issues were other players, play calling, execution and errors, scheme, imo.   I didn’t like much about the whole Frost offense personally but I’m a run the ball guy.   I hoped Frost would be too when he was first hired.  Alas!  Nothing but history and painful memories.  

The question we all want answered is what kind of team can we expect this fall?  They may play hard. But recent teams seemed to do that. 

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