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Huskers Land Texas Transfer QB Casey Thompson

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23 hours ago, ZRod said:

I think every year we were hoping we had that though. We always had unproven guys coming in who we thought could push the starter, but never actually did. Armstrong and Fyfe. Armstrong, Fyfe, and Lee. Lee, O'Brien, and Gebia. Martinez, Vedral, Bunch. Martinez and Smoothers. Martinez, McCafferty, Smoothers.


What is a list of names that would never push the starter and probably should’ve been playing other positions…or sports?

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4 hours ago, admo said:

Yes we do, but it's with fun and respect :cheers


Ok, seeing that I am a good sport, I will take your friendly Bob Wager :)


Although, it shouldn't be for a full year since they play 3 months of games.  Can I make a suggestion?  Since we both are Husker fans and not crazy people, the Iowa avatar ends after the Wisconsin game.  I just cannot stomach neither of us having that avatar during the Iowa week lol

Ha! Works for me, no Iowa week.

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4 hours ago, suh_fan93 said:

Dammit big time…




This is very unshocking. Casey wants a 100% gig to earn a shot at the pros. He is compared to Sims a worse fit for the offense and missed out on spring football. 

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3 minutes ago, suh_fan93 said:

It's gonna be a looooong season...



Not sure why people thought this would be some kind of instant transplant of wins. But yeah, we are lacking depth at a ton of key positions. And even top end starters. 

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