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Huskers Land Texas Transfer QB Casey Thompson

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2 hours ago, SouthLincoln Husker said:

He did not overreact to the coaching change & was taking his time to evaluate the new staff.  He felt it was in his best interest to move on.  Live with it & let him move on.  I hope he does well!

Nothing against Casey, but I won’t remember him too much from his time at NU. He will be an afterthought. The good thing is now we can go back to making fun of his dad (Charles) being busted for dealing coke 30+ years ago. #dirtburglers 

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1 hour ago, ColoradoHusk said:

Nothing against Casey, but I won’t remember him too much from his time at NU. He will be an afterthought. 


100% agree.  It's not like he was a NU lifer who was waiting in the wings for 2 or 3 seasons before taking over.  He wasn't going to be the starter at Texas, so he transferred here so he could start.  Now he's not going to be the starter here, so he's going to transfer to somewhere where he can start.  That is what QBs do in current day college football.


He played in 10 games and won 4 of them.  He was a fine QB, nothing spectacular.  I will remember him about the same way that I remember Tanner Lee in a "oh yeah, that guy played one year for us" type of way.



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20 hours ago, ColoradoHusk said:

Local media has been hinting about this for weeks. Most fans didn’t want to think it was possible. 

The scenario certainly was spectated on but there wasn't a whisper that it might be true.

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1 minute ago, Dogs In A Pile said:


I agree. With the lack of him being mentioned by the staff it certainly crossed my mind that all wasn't copasetic but I was hoping he would stick around. If I would have seen the video of him ignoring Barthel during the drill in spring practice and subsequently getting the boot back in March when it was posted I would have expected him to hit the portal.

This is about Thompson, not Allan.  

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It's still fascinating to go back and speculate on whether Frost had urged Martinez to leave or whether Martinez left completely on his own.


I kind of associate Thompson with Mark Whipple. It was all sort of a hail mary stop gap to throw something against the wall to turn around the abject failings of Frost's attempts here. And Alberts & Frost cooked up a narrative that the offense needed some big overhaul in order to have winning seasons.


So we bring in a guy who is more of a "passer that can run" instead of the usual "runner that sort of passes" template. We pair him with with a brand new offensive coordinator who has like 7-8 months to install a pretty different offensive system. All of which is operating with an offensive line that is one of the worst in Husker history.


Casey was the best option we could have reasonably hoped for to come in and replace a four year starter, but the team had such an insane amount of existing problems that there's no way he could have put a dent in overcoming them, all in all.

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He played through injury a large part of last season.  So much so that it was clearly visible when you compare him to early on in the season.  Largely due to being behind a really bad pass protecting offensive line he shocker got hurt and still went 17 /10 with only one true player who could stretch a field to throw to.  Even he dropped some of CT's passes.


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