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***Official 2022 College Football Thread***

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Notable games each week, for the college football junkies, like me :w00t

Nothing too amazing, but still...



Week 1 - Sept. 3, 2022
Utah at Florida   (feels like a bowl game...)
Cincinnati at Arkansas  (feels like a bowl game...)
Army at Coastal Carolina  (Run The Damn Ball! Guy)
Houston at UTSA
North Carolina at Appalachian State (Hey Carolina - Dumb & Dumber Song)
Penn State at Purdue
Oregon vs Georgia (Atlanta, GA)
Notre Dame at Ohio State  (The scene you are looking at is coming to you live, from the 1986 Sugar Bowl, and boy do we have a dandy tonight.....

Hello everybody, I'm Keith Jackson...)

Sept. 4, 2022 - Sunday
LSU vs Florida State (New Orleans, LA)

Sept. 5, 2022 - Monday
Clemson at Georgia Tech  (Just another manic monday, ooh oh oh)


Week 2 - Sept. 10
UTSA at Army
Alabama at Texas  (Sorry, still no Colt McCoy.....)
Marshall at Notre Dame
Iowa State at Iowa  (Is this heaven? No, it's........)
Houston at Texas Tech  (Future Big 12 clash)
Duke at Northwestern  (Check out the big brain on Brad !...)
Colorado at Air Force
Baylor at BYU  
Arizona State at Oklahoma State
Appalachian State at Texas A&M
Mississippi State at Arizona  (SEC... out west???)
Tennessee at Pitt  
Washington State at Wisconsin
Missouri at Kansas State  (Pauly Shore says... Hey Big 8 buuuddyy..)


Week 3 - Sept. 17
Nevada at Iowa
UTSA at Texas  (props to UTSA - Houston, then Army, then...)
SMU at Maryland
California at Notre Dame  
UCONN at Michigan  
Michigan State at Washington  (Rose Bowl Consolation wannabe's)
Georgia at South Carolina  (Big 12 Rattler or SEC Rattler?)
BYU at Oregon
Kansas at Houston  (Future Big 12 matchup)
Miami, FL at Texas A&M  (Like an 80's Cotton Bowl Classic)
North Dakota State at Arizona (Raising Arizona, FCS Style)
Oklahoma at Nebraska  (  :koolaid2:!  )
Ole Miss at Georgia Tech
Penn State at Auburn
Texas Tech at North Carolina State



Week 4 - Sept. 24
Notre Dame at North Carolina (huh, ... interesting?)
Wisconsin at Ohio State  (Hey, Who did this to the Badgers??!!!)
Duke at Kansas  (Duke Nuke' em!... NOT)
Indiana at Cincinnati  (If you don't like ND or OSU, this game is for you)
West Virginia at Virginia Tech  (Meet Virginia - it's Train's best song)
Wyoming at BYU  (Like a Rhinestone Cowboy, doo doo)


Week 5 - Oct 1
Indiana at Nebraska  (No Vedral, No Luke, No Martinez, No Problem)
Michigan at Iowa  (Hey, Who did this to Iowa??!!!)
Navy at Air Force  


Week 6 - Oct 8
Army at Wake Forest  (Wake escaped with a win last year, 70-56)
Texas vs Oklahoma (Cotton Bowl, Dallas)
Ohio State at Michigan State
Notre Dame vs BYU (Las Vegas, NV)
Texas A&M at Alabama


Week 7 - Oct 15
Arkansas at BYU  (That's like, a far to-go place for an SEC)
Penn State at Michigan
USC at Utah
Alabama at Tennessee  (Third Saturday in October)
Stanford at Notre Dame
Wisconsin at Michigan State

Week 8 - Oct 22
BYU at Liberty  (When the Independents one-day collide)
Minnesota at Penn State
Iowa at Ohio State  (Hey, Who did this to Iowa??!!!)


Week 9 - Thursday, Oct 27
Oklahoma at Iowa State

Week 9 - Oct 29
Florida vs Georgia (Jacksonville, FL)
Michigan State at Michigan
Ohio State at Penn State

(these game sound kinda nice, but actually pretty darn boring...)


Week 10 - Nov 5
BYU at Boise State  (Blue turf n surf... without the surf)
Clemson at Notre Dame  (uh what?  say uh, come again?)
UMASS at UCONN  (Fun for the whole family... yes please !! )
Baylor at Oklahoma
Alabama at LSU
Air Force at Army (Arlington, TX)  ( I will be there or be square! )
Liberty at Arkansas  (SEC...meet Liberty Biberty)


Week 11 - Friday, Nov 11
Colorado at Southern Cal

Week 11 - Sat Nov 12
Nebraska at Michigan  (Last year was LIT AF !!! until the very, very end...)
South Carolina at Florida  (Rat-tat-tat.. LER)
LSU at Arkansas  (Missing in action:  Felix Jones, Darren McFadden and Peyton Hillis, all in the Hogs backfield like once before...)
Alabama at Ole Miss
Georgia at Mississippi State
Notre Dame vs Navy (Baltimore, MD) (Classic.  Will NOT miss this one!)
Wisconsin at Iowa  (Nobody cares, and honestly... F U Boffth..)


Week 12 - Nov 19
Oklahoma State at Oklahoma  (Cause I'm an Indian outlaw, half Cherokee & Choctaw... My baby she's a Chippewa, She's a one of kind...)
Iowa at Minnesota  (dirty brown jug, full of BS and vomitt)
Utah at Oregon  (The New Sheriff in town... messing up the Nike Base)
USC at UCLA  (colors... colors, colors... colors.....  - Ice T,  yo!)
Boston College at Notre Dame  (Let's have a good game, Amen)
TCU at Baylor  
Virginia Tech at Liberty  (it's 25K seat capacity?!!?!!!!)
Louisiana at Florida State
Dixie State at BYU  (next week the Cougars play Dixie Nor-Muss)
Austin Peay at Alabama
Coastal Carolina at Virginia
Wisconsin at Nebraska


Week 13 - Thursday, Nov 24 (Thanksgiving!)
Mississippi State at Ole Miss

Week 13 - Black Friday, Nov 25
Nebraska at Iowa
Oregon at Oregon State

Week 13 - Sat, Nov 26
BYU at Stanford
Auburn at Alabama  (Iron Bowl)
Kansas at Kansas State   ( Rock Chalk, Widcat - 2AM )
Baylor at Texas
LSU at Texas A&M
Florida at Florida State  (Brought to you by JACK FM:  We play more 80's & 90's than any other station)
South Carolina at Clemson  (South Carolina Supreme)
Notre Dame at Southern Cal  (Nice !)
Michigan at Ohio State  (Nice !)
Virginia at Virginia Tech  (Hmm.. What would Ron Mexico do?!)



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