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6 hours ago, admo said:

I do remember Steve Spurrier's "Fun-N-Gun" offense, their cockyness, high powered offense, and I believe they were the Vegas favorites over the Huskers (thinking like 7?).  I was absolutely nervous.  But a few days before the game there were interviews with players for both sides, and coaches....and when they interviewed Frazier, I can't remember exactly what he said, but his ultra confidence was so incredible it won me over, and I knew the Huskers would win.  He might have said nonchalantly, matter of fact, that we are the best team, Florida should be nervous and we will win. 



You might still find it from the original broadcast, but I remember just before kickoff the NBC field reporter told the booth that the late-breaking bets and predictions from every reporter on the ground in Tempe was that Nebraska was going to roll. 

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On 1/12/2022 at 9:22 AM, VectorVictor said:

remember Nebraska being in the red zone at the end of games and Tom just had the QB keep kneeling.  Even Tom knew when we were beat and let the game end. I call Saban not doing it, not being able to have class. It was about as bad as what a Longhorn fan would do. 

Tom would take a knee in wins as well. We could have scored more against Florida. And there times when Tom tried not score but our 2-3string guys were still too strong for the opposing D. Oh for the days to have that much depth again 

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On 1/11/2022 at 7:17 PM, macroboy said:


I also remember where I was and who I was with. 


In the 96 game vs Florida, one of our friends from Florida, decided to watch the game with our Husker crew. He talked trash for a quarter and ate a s#!t sandwich for the next three. He then drank himself to puking. 


Feeling like we were jobbed the officials is what I remember most about Florida St.

I was at the FSU v NU Orange Bowl and it was a fun game.   Sat with bunch of FSU fans.  They were nice.  After the final gun, I bet 40 or more FSU fans came up to thank us and congratulate the Huskers saying we clearly deserved to win as the better team.  Couple apologized for the reffing as well.  I knew we were gonna make a run for a long time.  Nebraska was fast becoming America’s favorite team.  Nationwide we had millions of avid fans for a long time.  Amazingly there are still quite a few after a decade of disappointment and futility lately. 


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On 1/12/2022 at 10:18 AM, Alamo City Husker said:

Bro, are you originally from Texas or something? I am in agreement with you, and do not understand your retort. I was saying Nick Saban was classless for playing the quarterback late with a minute left. There is plenty to rag on with him, but again I have no earthly idea what you are insinuating. 


It's possible that Bryce Young didn't object and wanted to play. Sometimes things aren't as complicated or loaded as what it might seem. 



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