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Survey on Memorial Stadium "Modernization"


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On 1/12/2022 at 10:58 PM, In the Deed the Glory said:

I’d take a few more wins, but until then the beer is a must. lol 

So many 11AM games, I think ppl would appreciate buying a few cold beers between noon-200pm. 


930AM tailgates aren't that exciting for everyone, and then going dry from kickoff to game ends doesn't sound fun.

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12 hours ago, JJ Husker said:

Seriously this is a great idea. But no need to charge that much. They’d still make bank at half that much and the cost would be negligible. Of course the game may be subject to blackout if the stadium isn’t sold out.

You can do so many things with this...have a dude holding a vr stick in the tunnel walk and people can experience a live tunnel walk

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1 hour ago, UniversalMartin said:

You can do so many things with this...have a dude holding a vr stick in the tunnel walk and people can experience a live tunnel walk

I really think you’re on to something.

Possibly they can’t do it due to TV rights or something? Seems like the conference might want a cut.

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Comfort and convenience should be top of list.

1-Reduce capacity, expand seating room.

2-Wider/Easier access and egress. New walkways, ramps and concourses.

3- Restroom improvements and expansion of capacity.


Then amenities.

1- Beer sales stadium wide but reserve a few sections for no alcohol.

2- More, better, faster concessions.


Besides the previously mentioned south stadium improvements, the first level east stadium area under the balcony overhang kinda sucks. If you’re in last 10 or so rows it’s like you’re watching the game through a small window. Can’t see the sky or tops of goal posts or most of the stadium. I sat there once and hated it. Had a little crappy TV monitor overhead but felt pretty disconnected from the rest of the stadium. This would be a good place to remove some seating and expand a concourse and concessions.

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33 minutes ago, ActualCornHusker said:

Anyone here an engineer or mathematician who has an estimate of what the capacity would end up at if they installed stadium seats throughout? 

Just based on average bleacher seat size (18") and stadium seat size (25") according to Google,  that's about a 30% reduction.  85k x 70% = 60k.  Give or take certain areas,  leaving some bleachers in cheap seats etc and you could land at what I think is the sweet spot of 65-70k.

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1. Lower the donation price for season tickets. 

For the product they’ve provided is within the last 20 years especially the last 7 years, the price of donations should reflect the product on the field. 

Reduce the price substantially, more fans will buy season tickets and we won’t be having this discussion when it gets close to week 0 again.

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